Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide professional, engaging and enthusiastic in-person and online tutoring for children through K – 6.

Our tutors have been selected not only because of their qualifications and experience but possibly more importantly because they share our mission to provide a safe caring and understanding environment for each of the children they tutor.

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Study Skills Development


Study Skills Development

At Get Smart Learning, we understand the challenges that children experience at school and the problems busy working parents endure in attempting to deal with these challenges.

To help students as well as their parents Get Smart Learning has developed The Study Skills Development Program.

Who is the Study Skills Development Program designed for?

Is your child disorganised, can’t get homework completed in time, doesn’t appear to understand what a teacher expects of them, cannot pick out important points in classes or from textbooks, struggles in note-taking, or is not successful on tests. Is your child struggling to pass his or her subjects, in yet they tend to excel in other academic ways? Perhaps your child a good student taking challenging subjects and working too many hours to maintain top grades? Your child may work too hard, stress too much, and you are concerned that their persistence for excellence is providing other more concerning challenges. For all of these students the answer to reducing stress and improving grades is to learn, how to learn- efficiently. Learning, how to learn, should be the first lesson at school, as it makes the rest seem to fall into please more readily.

It’s a bit like teaching an apprentice carpenter about timber and tools and nails and screws bot not how to use them. Someone once said “Don’t teach children stuff, teach them methodologies of thinking” or the leaned scholar who said don’t give you child fish teach them how to fish!

The Get Smart Study Skills Development Program has been developed to assist your child to overcome and breakdown the barriers that they face and provide a pathway through and enrich them with strategies and methodologies they can understand and relate to. Enquire today!

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