Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide professional, engaging and enthusiastic in-person and online tutoring for children through K – 6.

Our tutors have been selected not only because of their qualifications and experience but possibly more importantly because they share our mission to provide a safe caring and understanding environment for each of the children they tutor.

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Primary School Tutoring


In Home - Tutoring

Years 3-6

At Get Smart we strive to build your child’s confidence, and when combined with effective tutoring, you will begin to see growth in their academic success.

Whether your child is looking to improve or extend themselves in literacy and numeracy comprehension, we believe every child should reach their potential.

Get Smart can help any student in primary school from the very early stages of literacy through to textual analysis and confidently expressing their views in their writing. Similarly, Get Smart can help your child in the development of their maths skills and comprehension, from telling the time, through to advanced mathematical scenarios.

Our primary school tutoring is an after-school program for years K -6.

The Get Smart Primary Development Program is matched to curriculum outcomes that focus on building strong foundations, methodologies of thinking, problem solving and analytical skills to achieve learning outcomes across the curriculum. Your child will develop confidence to apply practical strategies to learning which in turn will build academic success.

When a child starts tutoring at Get Smart, they complete a values survey, so that we can discover what makes them tick, what they enjoy, and what they don’t. This allows us to help each child based on their values and offer exercises that are appropriate and engaging for them.

Get Smart offers a variety of class types for tutoring. You have the choice of your child learning in an individual or a small group session, ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Get Smart Virtual

Now available! In addition to our one-on-one ‘at home’ tutoring and our small group classes, Get Smart Learning is now offering Get Smart Virtual. Get Smart Virtual provides a safe and secure learning platform via a live Zoom session, Get Smart Virtual can provided all your favourite lessons, online,  so you never have to miss a class! Our safe and secure, virtual classroom will mean your child can connect with their tutor and attend a live lesson without leaving home.

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